My appliance is not working. What can I do?

Is your appliance not working in the way it should? Please check if you can solve the problem first by using it differently or changing the settings. Please read the product manual or try the product support-page; Enter the article number or product name in the search bar to go to the frequently asked questions and the manual for the specific appliance. 


What if the tips above don't work? 

Contact the seller/store 

You can return your defective item, with proof of purchase, to the store where you bought it within the warranty period (standard 2 years). This seller is responsible for handling your warranty application. 

Contact our DOMO e-shop customer service

Did you buy the item online from us? If it falls within the warranty conditions and the warranty period, we will carry out a repair free of charge. If it is not possible to repair the product, we will send you a new product free of charge. 

Do you have a defective appliance but it is outside the warranty period, or do you no longer have the proof of purchase? 

Has the warranty period expired, or do you no longer have the proof of purchase, and do you still want to have the appliance repaired? In many cases we can still help you. Please complete the contact form. Our customer service will check whether we have spare parts for your appliance. If this is the case, we will notify you and you can send (or bring in) your appliance at your own expense. We will then send you a quote (€15.00 administrative costs), after which you can decide whether or not you wish to have the appliance repaired. 

Do I have a warranty on my product?

A legal warranty period of two years applies to all DOMO appliances. The deep fryers (not Deli-Fryers) have a warranty period of 10 years. The original purchase receipt showing the date of purchase, the name of the store, and the model number serves as proof of warranty.

The user shall inform DOMO of this within a period of two months after discovering the shortcoming.

What are the warranty conditions?
  • If the product does not correspond to the description, the buyer must inform the seller in writing, accompanied by the original invoice, within a period of two months after discovering this.
  • The warranty is not applicable to: 
    • Wear and tear that can be considered normal,
    • Defects due to inappropriate or improper use,
    • Damage caused by intent, gross negligence or lack of maintenance,
    • Non-compliance with the instructions for use and/or the manual.
  • Consequently, the following (among others) are excluded:
    • All direct or indirect damage to the appliance after delivery caused by the buyer (e.g. due to oxidation, shocks, fall, etc.).
    • The replacement of accessories or attachments that need to be replaced regularly.
    • Defects due to fire, water damage, lightning, accidents, natural disasters.
    • Damage caused by commercial, professional or collective use of the device.
I have lost my proof of purchase. What do I do now?

The proof of purchase is the sole proof for determining the start date of the warranty period. It is not possible to determine the warranty period without proof of purchase. 

  • Did you buy your appliance from one of our dealers? 
    Ask for a copy of your proof of purchase there. We cannot guarantee that they will be able to find it, but it is certainly worth a try. 
  • Did you buy your appliance directly from the DOMO e-shop? 
    Request your proof of purchase via the contact form. Choose the option, “My invoice” and follow the requested steps. You will then receive a copy of your proof of purchase via e-mail. 

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