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DOMO-SCOTT triathlon team

In 2016, the Belgian household electrical brand DOMO and the quality bicycle brand SCOTT joined forces to establish the DOMO-SCOTT triathlon team.

The team consists of 8 members from the specific triathlon department of AC Hulshout, with Pieter Heemeryck, Belgian half triathlon champion, as captain.

DOMO-SCOTT triathlon teamDOMO-SCOTT triathlon team
DOMO-SCOTT triathlon team


To appear on as many podiums as possible in Belgium and beyond with this small, compact team, and so become the Belgian and European champions.


Pieter Heemeryck - Meervoudig Belgisch kampioen halve triatlonPieter Heemeryck - Meervoudig Belgisch kampioen halve triatlon

Pieter Heemeryck
Belgian multi-half triathlon champion

Sander Heemeryck - Ex-Belgisch kampioen duatlonSander Heemeryck - Ex-Belgisch kampioen duatlon

Sander Heemeryck
Former Belgian duathlon champion

Wim De Voeght - CEO DOMO ElektroWim De Voeght - CEO DOMO Elektro

Wim De Voeght
CEO DOMO Elektro

Liesbeth Leysen
Nutritional coach and health consultant
Wife of Wim De Voeghtt

Frone Wouters
Belgian multi-10 km swimming champion

Thomas Derboven
Former Belgian duathlon champion

Kaat Van Eynde

Why the triathlon?

Not only are triathlons popular, the sport also radiates strength, perseverance, passion and ambition. This sits perfectly with DOMO's drivers. As the largest Belgian household appliances brand, DOMO is always aiming for a place on the podium too, be it with a best-selling product, the most successful product category, or brand - both in its own country and as exports. Constantly innovating, improving, and challenging yourself to ultimately reach the top – that is the aim shared by DOMO Elektro and the DOMO SCOTT triathlon team.