Tips for great coffee

Some tips for the best coffee and proper maintenance of your coffee machine!

Posted January 1, 2021
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Tips for great coffee

Tips for the best coffee:

  • A clean coffee maker is essential to make great tasting coffee. Clean the appliance regularly according to the guidelines.
  • Always use fresh, cold water in the coffee maker.
  • Store coffee in a dry and cool place.
  • Do not reuse any coffee, as this will greatly affect the taste of your coffee.
  • We also do not recommend reheating coffee.


At normal use we recommend to decalcify the appliance every month following these steps:

  • Place a filter in the coffee maker to catch the residue.
  • Fill the carafe with 1/4 of vinegar and 3/4 of cold water. Pour the mixture into the water tank and turn on the coffee maker.
  • Let the mixture run through.
  • Let the coffee maker run at least twice with only water. 
  • Remove the filter with the residue from the coffee maker.
  • Wash the carafe, the lid and the filter holder with warm water.

Good luck!


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