Ironing tips

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Posted January 15, 2021
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Ironing tips

Tip for best ironing results:

Moisten clothing just before ironing to achieve the best results.  Many tumble dryers have an ‘iron damp’ feature that allows you to do this. Or you can use a plant mister to moisten the clothing (or the spray feature if available on your model).  The steam button on your appliance also provides extra moisture. The powerful steam will penetrate deep into the fibres, which makes it easier to smooth creases.

Never use steam unless the iron soleplate has heated up sufficiently.  Otherwise, condensation will form and water droplets can leak from the soleplate.  A zone on the temperature dial of your iron indicates when you can use steam.


Other ironing tips:

  • Always check first if there is a label on the garment with instructions for ironing. If this is the case, then always follow these instructions. 
  • The iron heats up faster than it cools down. Therefore, always iron the garments that require the lowest temperature first, like synthetic fabrics. 
  • If a fabric contains several types of fibres, always choose the lowest temperature to iron the combination of these fibres. 
  • Silk and other shiny fabrics should be ironed inside-out. 
  • Velvet and other fabrics that easily become shiny should be ironing with slight pressure, in one direction. Always keep the iron moving. 
  • Fabrics that are a 100% wool can be ironed with steam. Set the temperature to the maximum and use a dry cloth to place on the fabric. 
  • Never iron over zippers or other metal objects in a garment. This can damage the soleplate. Always iron around such objects. 


Descale the steam generator regularly to increase the life span of the machine:

  • Fill water reservoir halfway with a mixture of 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water.
  • Put the plug in the mains and turn the temperature disc to its maximum.
  • Wait until the machine has heated up and hold the iron above a sink or washbasin.
  • Now press the steam button and discharge a continuous stream of steam. The machine cleans itself in this way.
    CAUTION: to prevent scalding make sure you do not come into contact with the hot steam!
  • Refill the water reservoir with only water. Repeat this cycle of discharging steam 2 to 3 times, but then with only water, until the vinegar smell has disappeared.


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