Electrical appliances that help you save... How? DOMO would love to explain it to you!

We have made a list of some devices and tips that will help you save energy without too much hassle. Because... Many small actions, taken together, can make a big difference!

Posted September 23, 2022
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Electrical appliances that help you save... How? DOMO would love to explain it to you!

Electrical appliances that help you save... How? DOMO would love to explain it to you!

Energy prices keep rising, and our daily lives are becoming more and more expensive. We have made a list of some devices and tips that will help you save energy without too much hassle. Because... Many small actions, taken together, can make a big difference! 

By making smart choices and investing correctly, we can save both energy and time as well as pennies. So, here, we present to you some of DOMO's newest and most ‘conscious’ appliances, which are very good value for money and can help us get through this winter efficiently and comfortably. DOMO gives you an overview of the best investments.

DO726BL DOMO Soup maker 'Soup Genius' - 1.2 L - 8 programmes

Dark, cold days call for hot soup. Although it is convenient to buy ready-made soup or to order soup at lunch, making your own soup can amount to quite some savings. 

Most people still prepare soup the traditional way – in a soup pan, on the stove, using a hand mixer. These appliances are energy guzzlers and, what’s more, heat and energy are lost every time you lift the lid to check whether the vegetables are done. A soup maker prevents the loss of heat and also has a sensor, so it does not stay switched on longer than necessary (as opposed to a stove). DOMO is now launching a topper among soup makers: the Soup Genius.

The name of this digital soup blender says it all. Not only is it a soup maker, it is also a blender and even more than that! This appliance features eight programmes, including a pasta sauce program. With just a few ingredients and the right settings, you can make a complete pasta sauce with meat in just one appliance.  In other words... No more pots, pans, stoves, mixers or blenders. You consume only as much energy as you need and, as the icing on the cake, there’s less dishes at the end!

The heat-resistant, glass cannister has a capacity of 1000 ml for hot preparations and 1200 ml for cold preparations. This appliance excels in safety, with its convenient filling spout, built-in safety valve in the lid as well as its boil-dry protection and hidden heating element. The knife unit consists of four blades to achieve the perfect mixing result.

B3973 DOMO Bread maker 700-1000gr - 12 programmes - incl. warming function

We can't do without our bread either... However, the maximum price of a loaf at the bakery has already risen to €2.70. As a result, more and more people are starting to bake their own bread! DOMO calculated the amount of savings you could expect from baking your own bread using a bread machine. This calculation paid off (pun intended), because after adding up the cost of the ingredients and the energy costs of the machine, our machine-baked bread came out to about €1.13 per loaf. In other words, an immense difference of €1.57, and all the more so when your family eats several loaves of bread every week. On top of that, it is also super fun to bake your own bread! You choose everything yourself, from the ingredients to the baking program and even the degree of browning of the crust.

Would you like more info about this calculation? Then, check out the full article here.

Thanks to the DOMO bread machine B3973, it’s a piece of cake. With its 12 baking programs, you can make any kind of bread you want, from 700 to 1000 grams, just by pressing a few buttons. And thanks to the handy flap, you can add nuts, seeds, raisins... If you like your bread fresh out of the oven, then use the timer or keep-warm function. You can program this feature up to 13 hours in advance, so that when you wake up, the bread is freshly baked. And, as a bonus, this bread machine has been adapted to bake gluten-free breads, too!

DO533FR DOMO Deli-fryer - 5 L - 2000 W

Winter or summer, we love our Belgian fries! Nothing better than a weekly portion with a tasty snack. By now, we know that frying your own fries is much less expensive than going to get fries at the chip shop. But did you also know that switching from a traditional deep fryer (or oven) to a Deli-Fryer can result in additional savings? There are several reasons for this: 

  • Oil is becoming increasingly expensive. Not only the petrol at the pump, but household frying oil, corn oil... are also becoming scarcer and therefore more expensive. With a hot air fryer, you bake completely fat-free. And this appliance offers plenty of options: Not only can chips, croquettes and snacks be prepared with it, but meat, vegetables and even quiches or cakes taste delicious when prepared in the Deli-Fryer!
  • And when it comes to energy consumption, a Deli-Fryer also consumes significantly less (2000 watts on average) compared to a traditional deep fryer (3000 watts on average) or an electric oven (3000 watts on average). What’s more, you do not need to preheat the Deli-Fryer, and it only works for as long as it is needed. So, there is no loss of energy, before or after the baking process.  
  • And last but not least, a Deli-Fryer is also much easier to clean than a deep fryer. We are certainly fans of anything that results in less washing up!

This Deli-Fryer XXL from DOMO has an extra-large capacity of up to 5.5 litres and 1.5 kg. Here, too, you can rely on pre-set programs that do the work for you. Besides being energy-efficient, using the Deli-Fryer is also sustainable, since no fat or oil means no waste! Not yet completely convinced? On the DOMO website, you will find recipes to inspire you – you’ll be amazed at all the things you can soon make with it: domo-elektro.be/nl/recepten

DO331L DOMO Vacuum sealer incl. roll of bags 5m - 130 W

You know the drill… you see a promo in the supermarket for ‘5 + 5 free’, and now you're stuck with 10 courgettes in your fridge! You probably purchased them at a great discount, but now you have to consume them before they go bad. Or... why not freeze them? Have you ever considered a vacuum sealer? It allows you to vacuum pack fruit, vegetables, fish, meat etc., which means you can store these foods significantly longer, with optimal preservation of the flavour, nutrients and freshness! DOMO currently offers three models. Discover them here!

DO91333C DOMO Refrigerator-freezer - D - 304 L - dark stainless steel

Does your fridge suddenly need to be replaced? Annoying, but it might just save you some money! Old refrigerators and freezers are quite serious energy guzzlers in the home.  If you choose a refrigerator in energy class D (or higher), you will consume a lot less energy, and what's more, you can buy these appliances using eco vouchers. The government is trying to encourage consumers to choose energy-efficient appliances as much as possible.

This fridge/freezer combination appliance from DOMO has a large capacity, with a 207-litre refrigerator compartment and a 97-litre freezer compartment with well-organised shelves and drawers. Thanks to its dark stainless steel exterior, this appliance looks elegant in any kitchen. And its reversible doors make it easy to find the perfect spot in any kitchen or storage room. With functions such as holiday mode, automatic no frost, high-temperature alarm and super-freezing, it is also a very smart and economical appliance. 

How you maintain your fridge and freezer also plays a crucial role in energy consumption! Take the following eight tips to heart to enjoy your refrigerator as energy-efficiently as possible:

  1. Always fill your fridge about 3/4 full. If you cram your fridge too full, it has to work harder and will therefore consume more. And, the opposite is also true: The emptier your fridge, the more energy it will consume. The circulation of the cold air is optimised when it is 3/4 full.
  2. Avoid placing packaging in the fridge. For example, the plastic wrapping around fruit and vegetables, cardboard egg cartons... All these items must also be cooled, which in turn consumes extra energy.
  3. Allow warm dishes to cool down before placing them in the fridge. This avoids extra energy consumption and the growth of bacteria.
  4. Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator to help keep it cool.
  5. Be clever about organising your fridge! Every DOMO user manual tells you which foods are best placed on the top or middle shelves, in the vegetable drawer or in the door shelf. 
  6. Keep your fridge at the ideal temperature of 4 to 6 degrees. Every deviation of one degree means 5% greater energy consumption. So, close the fridge door quickly!
  7. When your freezer develops a layer of frost, it consumes more. If your appliance does not have a ‘no-frost function’, you should defrost it regularly. A 3-mm layer of ice increases energy consumption by 30%!
  8. The rear grille is also sensitive. If dust collects there, the appliance produces more heat, and this can cause the energy consumption to increase by another 30%. So, organising a ‘spring cleaning’ every six months can save you energy!

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