DOMO celebrates the holidays with affordable gifts

The 10 best Christmas gifts under 50 euros and 100 euros

Posted November 22, 2023
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DOMO celebrates the holidays with affordable gifts

10 ideal Christmas gifts under 50 euros and 100 euros

The countdown to the holidays can finally begin! DOMO, the reliable Belgian partner for home appliances, makes it easy to shine this season with great holiday gifts. To make the annual search for the perfect gift a little easier, we've compiled a DOMO Gift Guide with the best holiday gifts for your partner, brother, sister, mum or dad. We’ve got something for everyone, and at different prices.

The nicest and most useful gifts for less than 50 euros

A nice gift doesn't have to be expensive. DOMO presents five absolute favourites that will please everyone. 

DO9177PZ DOMO Pizza maker 'My Express' - Multifunctional appliance

Bring the flavours of Italy to your kitchen with the DOMO Pizza Maker 'My Express'. Bake delicious, crispy pizzas (frozen and fresh) in just a few minutes. It’s perfect for cosy evenings with friends and family. You can also make quiches, omelettes or pancakes in a jiffy in the pizza maker.

Recommended retail price DO9177PZ DOMO Pizza maker 'My Express' - Multifunctional appliance: €49.95

DO708K DOMO Coffee maker with timer and display - 1.5 L

Start the day with a perfect cup of coffee thanks to the DOMO Coffee Maker with a timer and display. Program it in the evening so you can enjoy a fresh cup as soon as you wake up. The coffee maker keeps the coffee warm for another 40 minutes, after which it automatically switches itself off. This appliance was recently awarded the ‘Best Buy’ title by Test-Aankoop. 

Suggested retail price DO708K DOMO Coffee Maker with timer and display - 1.5 l: €39.95


DO9195C DOMO Big Croque XL: for Belgian sandwiches

Make delicious toasties with the DOMO Big Croque XL. The extra-large plates ensure that Belgian bread fits in the machine perfectly. Thanks to the "deep fill" cooking surfaces, you can put lots of toppings between your toasties. This appliance is a must-have for snack lovers.

Recommended retail price DO9195C DOMO Big Croque XL for Belgian bread: €49.95

DO9192MC DOMO Mini-chopper 'X Power'

Help your loved one save time in the kitchen with the DOMO Mini-chopper 'X Power'. Chop vegetables, herbs, meat, nuts and so much more quickly and easily. Fantastic for all your favourite dishes. Simply turn the chopper up a notch to puree your food. It’s very handy for making dips.

Suggested retail price DO9192MC DOMO Mini-chopper 'X Power': €29.95


DO2309I DOMO Ice Cream Maker with freezer bowl - 1 L

Treat yourself to homemade ice cream with the DOMO Ice Cream Maker. You can draw inspiration from the included recipes or get creative and come up with your own flavours and creations! After making ice cream, the fun is not ruined as the appliance can be taken apart quickly and is easy to clean.

Recommended retail price DO2309I DOMO Ice Cream Maker with freezer bowl - 1 l: €49.95

Gifts for the foodies that cost between 50 and 100 euros

Is food always the focus at your house? Then you’ll love these DOMO kitchen appliances!

DO9225G DOMO multifunctional contact grill - grey

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves paninis, grilled meat, vegetables and/or fish? Look no further and order the DOMO Multifunctional Contact Grill. The floating lid automatically adjusts to the contents, so that the whole grill plate always remains in optimal contact with the food in the grill. You can adjust the thermostat and the light indicates when the grill has reached the desired temperature. Kick off the new year full of inspiration and grilling ideas.

Recommended retail price DO9225G DOMO Multifunctional Contact Grill: €79.95


DO9224W DOMO Rotating waffle maker - rectangular waffles 4x7

DOMO hasn't forgotten baking fans either. Pleasure guaranteed for young and old with the rotating waffle iron. The delicious smell of waffles will greet you as you prepare golden brown waffles.  Because it rotates, the batter is evenly distributed, resulting in perfectly fluffy waffles!

Suggested retail price DO9224W DOMO Rotating Waffle Iron: €69.95

DO700BL DOMO Xpower blender

For juice, smoothie and sports drinks fans, you can put this DOMO Xpower blender under the Christmas tree. The Xpower is a blender and drinking bottle in one. This model comes with three bottles with lockable drinking spouts. They’re BPA-free so they won't absorb odours or flavours. They’re also dishwasher safe. Thanks to its powerful 1000 W motor, the Xpower blender is also suitable for crushing ice, mixing nuts and frozen fruit.

Recommended retail price DO700BL: DOMO Xpower blender: €84.95



The beautiful green DOMO Blend & Balance blender with a glass pitcher looks great on the kitchen counter. The appliance is perfect for mixing, blending, chopping and crushing ice. Make smoothies with fresh fruit and tasty vegetables and take them with you in the 600 ml drinking bottle. 

Suggested retail price DO734BL DOMO Blend & Balance blender: €84.95

DO9254M DOMO Mixer set 'My Vegetable' 4 in 1 - incl. spiral cutter

This mixer set is much more than just a hand blender. The set includes four removable attachments: a soup blending rod, whisk, chopper, and spiral slicer. It’s the ideal gift for your family's amateur chef. There are countless uses, such as mixing, pureeing, chopping, beating, making healthy vegetable strings, and more. 

Recommended retail price DO9254M DOMO Mixer Set 'My Vegetable' 4-in-1: €79.95


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Then be sure to take a look at our full range of products. You’ll undoubtedly find the ideal gift for under the Christmas tree in our extensive range! 

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