Save money by baking your own bread

This is how you do it!

Posted September 16, 2022
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Save money by baking your own bread

Save by baking your own bread

Another new school year has started. We are once again getting used to the morning rush, and we do our utmost to arrive at the school gates, and then at work, on time. The books have their covers, the school supplies have been bought, and the lunch boxes are once again being packed daily. A wonderful time – our days are becoming more structured once again. But this year, we can’t help but be reminded of the fact that life is getting more and more expensive. Unfortunately, this does not only apply to school supplies. We can also feel the price hikes in the supermarket. And this means we are becoming more conscious of our spending and thinking more and more about how to save.

One such savings opportunity is baking your own bread! Almost all Belgian families go through bread at lightning speed. Both adults and children start the day with it, eat it for lunch or dinner and sometimes even as a snack. At the bakery today, you pay around €2.70 for a loaf of bread, which a family eats in a matter of hours. So, is baking your own bread the better option? At DOMO, they are fully convinced it is!  They calculated the price of a large loaf of bread based on the current retail prices and average energy costs: 

Supermarket prices on 08/09/2022, for the quantities needed for one 800 gr white bread: 

White flour 520gr € 0,53
Butter 25gr € 0,06
Water 310ml € 0,13
Salt 2gr € 0,01
Sugar 2gr € 0,01
Instant yeast 4gr € 0,04
    = € 0,78 for the ingredients


Add to this the average energy costs + additional costs = approx. € 0.50/kWh and the energy consumed by the DOMO Bread machine B3971 during a 3-hour cycle (= 0.7 kWh = € 0.35), and you end up with a price of approximately € 1.13 for this home-baked bread. 

Is buying a bread machine an investment? Yes, but think of the benefits associated with it:

  • The calculation above clearly shows the price advantages – only € 1.13 per loaf! Certainly worth the effort, especially if you are a regular at the bakery. Those who buy bread from the bakery every other day are now spending € 492.75 on bread annually (not counting travel). If you were to bake it yourself, you would spend € 206.23 = a saving of € 286.52! 
  • When you bake your own bread, you are in control! The ingredients, the size, the baking time, the garnishing, the thickness of slices and so on and so on. Your bread is always oven fresh, because the timer function allows you to program the machine to do its work overnight. No more trips to the bakery just before closing time with the fear that everything is already sold out... And, on top of that, homemade products contain many more nutrients and vitamins than the ready-made products you buy. You know exactly what's in your bread, and that makes it all the more delicious!

The bread machines from DOMO listed below take the work completely off your hands and offer you plenty of options. Before you know it, you will have earned back the purchase price of your bread machine. And just think about how nice it will be to prepare homemade sandwiches for yourself, your partner or your children.



B3973 DOMO Bread maker 700-1000gr - 12 programmes - incl. warming function

Baking is an art, no doubt about it! But this appliance and its 12 pre-set baking programs will take you a long way toward mastering it. You can choose the size of your bread (between 700 and 1000 grams), and thanks to the timer, you can set the machine to start baking up to 13 hours ahead. There is also the keep-warm function and the crust-browning control to guarantee a light, medium or dark crust. Exactly how you want it! Unique to this appliance is the baking program for gluten-free breads, so that those with intolerances can also enjoy their bread.


This bread machine is quite similar to the previous one, only it does not have the gluten-free baking program. This appliance features a cool-touch housing, and the bread bowl and mixing hook both feature a non-stick coating. To really get you started on the right foot, this machine also comes with a measuring cup and spoon, plus (extremely handy) a recipe booklet packed with inspiration!

B3971 DOMO Breadmaker 500-750-1000gr - 18 programmes - incl. dispenser and gluten-free programme

The last in this series of three is the most advanced! Here, the number of baking programs increases from 12 to 18, and the programmable timer from 13 to 15 hours. There are also more options when it comes the sizes of the breads: 500 grams, 750 grams or 1 kilogram. Furthermore, this appliance has a stainless steel housing and includes a dispenser for fruit or nuts, for example, for baking special breads. Of course, with this appliance, you can also rely on the warming function, crust-browning control, non-stick coating and other accessories.

You can find all these appliances on our website under Bread makers!



September 16, 2022
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