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Wout's choice

Wout Van Aert is a professional road and cyclo-cross racer. Born and bred in Herentals, in the Kempen region, he shares his roots with those of DOMO. When it comes to household appliances, this world-class athlete has been trusting DOMO quality for years. These are his three favourites.

Espresso machine (DO711K)

“I’m a real coffee fanatic. My day doesn’t start until I’ve had my morning shot of coffee. And it doesn’t matter what form it takes, whether espresso, double espresso, latte, or cappuccino. So this espresso machine from DOMO is my perfect partner in crime. It lets me make all of these coffee drinks right at home in no time.”


2-in-1 Stick vacuum cleaner (DO227SV)

“I like to keep my home clean and tidy. That gives me a clean and tidy mind, so I can perform better at my sport. I don’t like having crumbs or dog hair on the floor, and a stick vacuum cleaner gets the job done in a flash. And this model is as powerful as they come.”


Wine cooler (DO911WK)

“I like to enjoy a glass of good wine in the evening on my terrace. After all, even athletes need to unwind sometimes! A wine fridge lets me store both white and red wines at the right temperature, so I always have something ready for unexpected visitors.”