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Premium hairdryer

  • Powerful, digital 1800 W BLDC motor – compact, lightweight, durable, and low-noise
  • With patented noise cancelling technology, for additional noise reduction effect
  • Innovative air pressure design:
    • Superfast air stream with a speed of 72,000 RPM
    • Concentrated airflow that penetrates deep into the hair fibre without damaging the hair
  • Dries hair in seconds, concentration >10 cm/cm3
  • The water ion technology (18 l/s) balances the moisture of your scalp and moisturises/nourishes the hair to the root. Say goodbye to static and frizzy hair!
  • Nano negative ion technology gives extra shine, makes hair healthier, and shortens drying time
  • Precise settings: 3 speeds (strong/natural/gentle) and 3 temperatures (high/medium/low)
  • The intelligent heat regulator protects the hair fibres, no dry or overheated hair
  • Cool mode ensures healthy hair and perfectly controlled styling
  • 3 professional magnetic attachments, rotate 360°: styling, fast drying, and curly hair
  • Compact appliance with long cord for extra user comfort
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