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Gift guide

Sister, aunt, father and uncle - this year everyone will find a nice and original gift under the Christmas tree

It's that time of year again: the search for the perfect present has arrived. But what is going to really please your aunt or grandparents this year? You probably don't have a clue. Because the search for that perfect gift is not always easy, DOMO has compiled some tips and inspiration to make it easier on you.

Celebrating Christmas with the whole family is in the first place of course cosy. But it’s also so complicated. Will you be giving your family member a bottle of perfume or a gift voucher again this year??? With these gift ideas from DOMO, you are bound to come up with some original presents. And thanks to its wide range of products, DOMO has something for everyone!

For the sister at uni

When you're studying, you don't always eat healthily. Going to the snack bar every night has long lost its appeal and your sister is looking for alternatives. The My Express DO9177PZ brings variation and is also super easy to use! This versatile kitchen appliance makes cooking very easy. Closed it is suitable for a pizza, omelette or pancake. Open, the lower plate functions as a griddle. Handy, isn't it? Your sister's pizza will be ready in twelve minutes, and you don't need to wash it up either, because thanks to the high-quality non-stick coating, the My Express is very quick and easy to clean. Now if that isn’t a good reason to visit her soon!

For the grandparents

The average grandparent has everything, but have you ever thought of an aroma diffuser? The Dahlia DO9216AV fits nicely into any interior, anywhere in the house and is easily refilled. It diffuses the most delicious scents to give your grandparents an optimal feeling of relaxation. It can also be used as a humidifier for perfect humidity in the home. The contemporary design and LED lighting in colour provide extra atmosphere during the holidays.

For the sophisticated aunt

This sassy aunt loves the beautiful things in life. That makes it extra difficult to give her a nice gift. Except if she doesn’t mind it being practical too, because then this DOMO broom vacuum cleaner DO217SV will be just the ticket. Handy to use and stylish to look at, it makes any home super clean in no time. The two-in-one broom vacuum cleaner with powerful cyclone system is cordless and therefore easy to remove from the cabinet to clean up the aftermath of the festivities as quickly as possible. The LED lighting in the floor brush makes sure you don't miss anything, and if you do, you simply take the hand-held vacuum cleaner out of the unit to make even the smallest pieces of dust disappear. Everything clean again? Bend it for compact storage until the next party.

For the dessert mother

At the Hotel of Mum & Dad there is always room for a dessert, and preferably homemade. So, as a guest, you do everything you can to save Mum some time when making the most delicious desserts. With an ice cream maker she makes ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet, for evenings full of fun. Forgot your dessert? No problem! The fully automatic ice cream maker with compressor DO9066I ensures delicious ice cream is on the table within the hour. There is no need for ice or pre-freezing in the freezer! And no need to eat quickly either, because the machine keeps things cool for up to one hour, which ensures the consistency of the ice cream is maintained. Bon appétit!

For Dad, the amateur sommelier

Is your Dad an 'expert in all kinds of wine' - by his own admission? Then the DO918WK wine cooler is perfect for storing his collection. The wine cooler has two temperature zones - ideal for keeping both white and red wines at the perfect temperature. Setting the temperature is very easy thanks to the digital LED display. Your Dad - or anyone else - can put up to 45 bottles in it. And with the seven sturdy wooden racks and the glass door with stainless steel handle it also looks very classy.