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Candlemas: the tastiest crêpes on your plate thanks to DOMO!

Candlemas: the tastiest crêpes on your plate thanks to DOMO!

The darkest days are over and spring is just around the corner. 2 February is the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary and we traditionally celebrate this day with… crêpes! Do you normally make crêpes for the whole family? Don’t worry, we’ll help you celebrate in your own bubble this year or cook as many as you usually do so that you can deliver them to the ones you miss so much from a safe distance! DOMO cooking appliances let you create the tastiest crêpes in no time, which means you spend less time in the kitchen and have more time to enjoy!

Candlemas has been celebrated on the same day – 2 February, which is 40 days after Christmas and therefore also 40 days after the birth of Jesus – for many years. At that time, according to Jewish law, newborn boys had to be brought to the Temple 40 days after their birth to be shown to the people and dedicated to God.

But why exactly do we eat crêpes at Candlemas? 2 February used to be one of the two days on which the rural population could change jobs or farms. This was celebrated in the evening with ‘haardkoeken’ (a sort of hardtack), which later became crêpes. In addition, crêpes are also a kind of metaphor for the sun and light because of their shape and colour; from February onwards, the darkest days of winter are over and we can look forward to spring. It is said that whoever eats crêpes on Candlemas will have a prosperous year. We think it’s an excellent reason!

Crêpes to everyone’s liking thanks to the DOMO DO9227P pancake party

Making crêpes for the whole family has never been easier. DOMO’s super-convenient DO9227P pancake party features two removable baking plates: one for extra-large crêpes (Ø 37.5 cm!) and one for five small crêpes. This appliance is sure to please everyone from the biggest to the littlest members of the family. You can set the temperature manually based on the indicator light.  Thanks to the non-stick coating, your crêpes won’t stick to the plate, making it easy to flip them. Get out the syrup and sugar; who’s hungry?