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Ice cream maker PRO

  • For delicious ice cream, frozen yoghurt, soft ice, gelato or sorbet within the hour
  • Endless home-made ice creams and desserts
  • Quiet and powerful DC motor that drives the unit directly for a very thick ice-cream mass
  • Premium stainless-steel housing
  • Removable 2.5-litre XXL capacity stainless-steel bowl
  • Self-freezing thanks to built-in compressor
  • Precise hardness control
  • Advanced technology: adjustable mix speed for a different taste experience every time. The more rotations per minute, the more air, fewer ice crystals and more intense taste
  • Automatic programmes: ice cream, cooling, mixing 
  • Cooling feature
  • LCD display with indication of the time
  • Cooling temperature: -18°C to -35°C
  • Includes ice cream scoop and measuring cup
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