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Five tips for maintaining the good performance of your upright vacuum

5 tips voor het behoud van de goede prestaties van je steelstofzuiger

Congratulations on the purchase of your new DOMO upright vacuum! You will undoubtedly want to enjoy its excellent performance and suction power for as long as possible. These five simple tips will get you started:

Tip 1: Clean the dust container regularly

Empty the container regularly and make sure that the dust in the container does not exceed the maximum level. If you do not empty this container regularly, the suction power will systematically decrease. You can also carefully clean the container with water or mild soap. Make sure that the container is completely dry before placing it back in the device.  

Tip 2: Clean or replace the filters regularly   

The upright vacuum has a coarse filter and a fine filter. Saturation of these filters by dust will ensure that the airflow is no longer optimal and will drastically reduce the suction power of your appliance. The best way to clean or replace these filters is to read the chapter on ‘cleaning and maintenance’ in the manual.  

Tip 3: Rotating brush

Hair and threads can get stuck in the brush of the floor nozzle over time. These will prevent the brush from efficiently picking up the dirt and bringing it to the suction opening. Instructions on removing the brush from the suction opening and removing all the hair regularly can be found in the manual. You can use a pair of scissors if necessary. Do not forget the hair at the ends of the brush. This will prevent them from getting into the brush shaft.

Tip 4: Make the most of the battery

The following tips will help you to minimise the load on the battery of your upright vacuum and make it last longer:

  • The battery must be fully charged before the first use.

  • Disconnect the adapter when the battery is fully charged; do not leave it plugged in.

  • Never let the battery run down completely.

  • Only use the supplied adapter to charge the battery.

Tip 5: Maintain the suction power

Decreasing suction power is sometimes also due to dirt getting stuck in certain parts of the upright vacuum. Therefore, clean the suction opening and the wand regularly and check for blockages or jammed dirt.